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ekoru Earth Report Card October 2019

Every month we publish a report card on on the state of our planet in terms of negative outcomes resulting from human activity.

The purpose of the report is to act as a reminder that every second counts. It can’t be business as usual, and we are marching inexorably towards a climatic point of no return.

You can see the live version of the report on our website by clicking here.

October 2019

As of October 2019…

31 billion tonnes of C02 released so far this year.

550 billion tonnes of ice have melted from our polar ice caps

12 billion forest trees have been felled in deforestation.

51 million people affected by extreme weather events

434 million tonnes of plastic have been produced. 91% of it won’t be recycled.

1 billion tonnes of food will have been wasted.

$12,970 billion Social Carbon Cost, or how much emissions will cost society .

15 years until we reach a critical temperature increase of +1.5°C.

+1.0835958141397 °C in our approach to a total temperature increase of +1.5 °C. This is a climatic “red line” that we do not want to cross.

If you want to see the sources of the data please click here.

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By changing your search engine to, you are immediately making a difference. Every search you do raises money for the planet. Browser extensions are available for Chrome and Firefox desktop browsers, and an Android search application is available for mobile users. ekoru is partnering with several organizations that work on animal welfare, reforestation, ocean conservation, and climate change policy. Each month, one of these organizations will be highlighted.

The search engine which helps clean and reforest our oceans.

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