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Every search helps clean our oceans

Ekoru Search Now Available in OH Browser & OH Privacy Browser

Use OH Browser to help clean our oceans by searching and surfing the web!

We’re pleased to announce that is now a search option for OH Browser and OH Private Web Browser users on Android devices.

OH Browser is a privacy focused mobile web browser designed for seamless use with a single hand. Fast, light on resources, and easy to use it is the ideal browser for surfing the web on android devices.

Now with the inclusion of ekoru as a search engine option, users can help fight clean our oceans by searching and surfing the web!

Select Settings->Search Engine->Ekoru

Get OH Browser for Android now at these links:

ekoru generates revenue just like any other search engine, through the use of sponsored links which appear above the search results. If a sponsored link is clicked on by a user, ekoru receives income from that action. Sixty percent of the revenue received is donated to charities related to the cause for the month.

Privacy is important to ekoru. User searches are all anonymous, no search history is retained, and every search is private. Zero data is retained on our servers. In the name of transparency, ekoru is committed to publishing the monthly amount donated to each charity along with donation receipts.

ekoru is designed to work across all devices including desktop, mobile, and tablet. The search engine provides high quality results for web, image, video, and news content.

For more information, please contact Alison Lee at

The search engine which helps clean and reforest our oceans.

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